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A city known for both its ancient and modern culture, we are also a city of active living and sport. Mishima has played host to a wide range of national and international tournaments and events, and we are ready to host yours as well. Looking for the perfect venue for your next sporting event? See more about events held here in the past, and talk to us about how we can help make your next event the best it can possibly be.

Volleyball USA Team Exhibition Match_01

Volleyball USA Team Exhibition Match_02

In 2015, Mishima hosted a pre-season exhibition match between the American men's volleyball team and the Toray Arrows, the hometown team and home ground to both Olympic and national team players alike. Along with the exhibition game, players from both teams visited the beautiful and historic Mishima Taisha Shrine and enjoyed other traditional culture events of the area.

CyberAgent Ladies Golf Tournament_01

CyberAgent Ladies Golf Tournament_02

Since 2016, the Grand Fields Country Club, located in the beautiful foothills surrounding Mishima, has hosted the CyberAgent Ladies Golf Tournament. Grand Fields Country Club's unique course layout incorporates traditional aspects of a Japanese garden, and offers exceptional seasonality with breathtaking views of nearby Mt. Fuji.

Japan National Women's Open Wrestling Championship_01

Japan National Women's Open Wrestling Championship_02

Mishima has been the host of the National Women's Open Wrestling Championship since 2010. Each year, over 400 athletes, including members of Japan's Olympic wrestling team, as well as international wrestlers from The U.S.A. and Korea meet in Mishima to decide a new champion.

Previous Events

Women's U-12 Invitational Soccer Tournament

Year held 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Organizer Shizuoka Pref. Football Association

Mishima Mayor's Cup,
East Japan Junior Full Contact Karate Invitational Tournament

Year held 2016, 2017, 2018
Organizer Real Championship Kanto Executive Committee (2016)
Nihon Karate Seiku Organization (2017)
Nihon Karate Seiku Organization (2018)