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Located at the foot of the world-famous Mt. Fuji, Mishima is a beautiful city with a rich history stretching back over 1300 years. With its year-round mild weather, ancient streets and crystal-clear waterways, it is a place where both residents and visitors love to explore.
To help you on your journey to discover the true charm of Mishima, we have put together a list of 5 suggestions to get you started. So put on your favorite shoes, grab your camera and let your Mishima adventure begin.

  • 01 What to Do
  • 02 What to Eat
  • 03 What to Drink
  • 04 What to Buy
  • 05 Where to Read

01 What to Do in Mishima

For foodies, adventurers, and those who just like to take in the local culture, Mishima has something for everyone. To help you get started we've put together a few ideas to get you started.

Go Cycling

Harenohi Cycle

With quiet, ancient streets winding their way throughout the city, a great way to experience Mishima is on two wheels. For those who prefer a leisurely ride, the downtown area located near Mishima station is the ideal place to explore. And if you are looking for a more of a challenge, the foothills of Mt. Hakone surrounding the city command breathtaking scenery of Mt. Fuji and the Izu area. Of course, there is no need to pack your bike. Electric bikes are available throughout the city.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/access-to-mishima.html#Getting-Around-Mishima

Take a Walk

Genbe River Stepping stones

As you set out on a serene early morning walk through the grounds of Mishima Grand Shrine or for a refreshing trek along the city's waterways, you will soon understand why the greatest way to explore Mishima is on foot. Get a first-hand feel for the sights, sounds, and aromas that make up this beautiful city, a whether you have just an hour or the entire day, these model tours will bring you up close to Mishima's history, culture, and its people.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/model-walking-tours.html

Visit Mishima Taisha Shrine

Mishima Grand Shrine

Located in the center of the city, Mishima Taisha Shrine has served as the historical and cultural heart of the region for over 1200 years. Wander the grounds and through the gates that lead you to the main hall, beautifully decorated with intricate wood engravings. While there, be sure to see the fragrant olive tree still blooming each fall since the 9th century and try their famous 'Fukutaro' Japanese sweets made with sweet red bean jam and mugwort mochi.

02 What to Eat in Mishima

Whether it's the finest traditional Washoku dining, delicious Italian cuisine, or the ultimate bowl of bowl of ramen, chefs throughout Mishima have been creating amazing food experiences for centuries. Be sure to try some of the local specialties that you'll only find right here in Mishima.

Delicious, fresh vegetables

Mishima Carrots

On the eastern edge of Mishima City stands the majestic Mt. Hakone. It is here in the fertile, volcanic soils and high mountain slopes that local farmers grow Hakone Seiroku Mishima vegetables. Prized nationwide for their rich flavor and sweetness, these vegetables are as delicious on their own as they are in dishes served up by chef's around the country. You can find some of the great restaurants serving these delicious vegetables.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/restaurants.html

Piping-hot Mishima Potato Croquettes

Mishima Potato Croquettes

Rich, creamy, and piping hot, Mishima Korokke potato croquettes are the perfect snack to go. Made with 100% Mishima Bareisho Potatoes, you can find restaurants all over the city serving up these delicious snacks with their own originality and flare. Affordably priced, they are the perfect snack at any time of the day. Find out where to get Mishima's favorite snack.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/local-favorites.html

Unagi: The Ultimate Traditional Delicacy


Masterfully prepared Japanese freshwater eel is charbroiled to perfection and flavored with an umami-filled soy sauce glaze over a bed of steaming Japanese rice.
Famed for its savory flavor and delicate texture, restaurants serving Mishima unagi rest their eels in the crystal-clear Mt. Fuji spring water that wells up throughout the city. This centuries-old process removes unwanted gaminess and firms up the flesh, allowing just the right amount of oil to be burned off while cooking.
For food-lover's, a trip to Mishima isn't complete without trying this deliciously decadent and nutritious meal.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/restaurants.html

03 What to Drink in Mishima

A coffee in the morning, that pint of IPA, the perfect Negroni at sunset.
Sometimes the greatest memories come from the moments we share with our favorite beverage. Here are few places to go we think you will love.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee, Brewed in Mt. Fuji Spring Water

Whether it's a creamy latte, double espresso or a hand-drip single origin you prefer, Mishima's baristas have what you need, prepared with a passion for detail that will leave you wanting more. Ask café goers what makes the coffee in Mishima so special, they'll point you to any one of the many great cafes around the city. But ask the roasters what makes the coffee in the city so amazing and they talk about the soft spring water the bubbles up from the lava below. If you ask us, we know it's both!

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/restaurants.html

Local Craft Beer

Mishima Bareisho Beer

For beer lovers, part of every trip is trying the local craft brew. And here in Mishima you can find something uniquely local at one of the many bars serving up refreshing pints of Japanese Pale Ale, Yogan Lava Porter and the city's own Bareisho Potato White Ale. With dozens of original beers on tap, start your Mishima beer journey here at Repubrew Slider House. Try their Otona Golden Stout and the Sour Hazy IPA.

Bareusho Potato White Ale

Beer Field : Mishima, Ichiban-cho 7-20 Shop from here

Waraku : Mishima, Nishihon-cho 1-2

The perfect Martini, or how about a Mishima Mojito

When you're looking for an evening to imbibe in classic Japanese sophistication, Mishima has a selection of world-class cocktail bars serving classic and original cocktail for every taste. Sit at this beautiful sakura wood counter at Bar Yumoto with a Martini just the way you like, or a refreshing Mojito made with wild mint picked fresh from the historical Genbe river flowing outside.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/restaurants.html

Bar Yumoto : Mishima, Shibahon-cho 10-7

04 What to Buy in Mishima

Part of the joy of travel is finding the right souvenir to take home to family and friends, a memento of the places you've seen and the people you've met along the way. Here are three souvenirs for you to bring home as a remind of your stay in beautiful Mishima.

A Traditional Glass Wind Chime - Healing sounds to cool the summer months

Mishima Furin

Long before iced coffee and air conditioning, there was one must-have item that could keep us cool during hot, humid days of summer. The furin is a traditional glass wind chime are used to induce a feeling of coolness through their beautiful, clear sound. Throughout the summer months in Mishima, we can see wandering street vendors selling Mishima Furin, the perfect gift or memory of your visit.

Nikko Toukiten : Mishima, Taisha-cho 18-4

Wasabi : Fresh-picked, locally grown


Known around the world for its one-of-a-kind aroma, wasabi is the ideal complement to sushi, sashimi, and a host of Washoku dishes. With some of the world's best wasabi cultivated immediately south of the city on the Izu Peninsula, Mishima's food history has long been flavored with this deliciously aromatic root. During the Edo era, with the advent of sake production, the roots and stems of the wasabi plant were salted and pickled in matured sake lees to produce wasabi-zuke, a deliciously pungent and flavorful condiment that goes remarkably well with fish or mixed with dried bonito flakes on rice. Pick some up to savor the flavors of this region with friends and family.

Yamamoto Foods Monzen Seseragi branch : Mishima, Taisha-cho 1-28

Tenugui : The traditional Japanese hand towel

Mishima Tenugui

Traditionally used as a covering or for drying one's hands, these cotton towels known as Tenugui are beautifully patterned and dyed in vibrant colors. Their thin profile allows them to fit perfectly into your pocket or bag and even look great when framed as a showpiece. Mishima Tenugui are designed with patterns inspired by the Mishima calendar, the oldest calendar printed with Japanese phonetic characters.

Izu Collection : Mishima, Ichiban-cho 2-29

05 Where to Read in Mishima

With all of the excitement of travel and new discoveries, there is nothing like finding a quiet place to open a book and let your mind wander.

Here are three great places near Mishima station to sit quietly and read in the open air.

Rakujuen Book Area

Rakujuen Book Area Hon No ki

Inside this beautiful park, located immediately in front of Mishima stations south exit, you'll find quiet, forest trails, bubbling springs, and a host of tranquil outdoor spaces to relax. And on rainy days, pull up a seat at this covered reading area, complete with hundreds of masterfully curated book collections, free for all to use. Truly a book lover's paradise!

Find out more : https://www.city.mishima.shizuoka.jp/rakujyu/index.html

Genbe River

Genbe River sitting area

Flowing gently through the center of the city is the beautiful and historical Genbe River. The water here starts as meltwater from the summit of nearby Fujisan, flowing underground and surfacing throughout the city. Coffee in hand and your favorite book, follow along the river to find quiet the perfect deck area or bench, and sit at one of the most idyllic reading areas we know.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/secret-hideaways.html

Chuo Suido-ato Park

Chuo Suido-ato Park small bench

Nestled silently just beyond the city's main thoroughfare is the charming Chuo Suido-ato Park. Originally the site of a natural spring for the area's water supply, the pump and storage tank are still preserved inside. Sitting here, turning pages in the quiet breeze, you'll feel as if you somehow discovered your very own secret hiding place to unwind and recharge, seconds from bustling city streets.

Find out more : https://www.mishima-scc.jp/secret-hideaways.html